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Tyres are engineered to offer a smooth drive be it any climate or road condition. Drivers who maintain their tyres well will enjoy an increase in performance and safety from their vehicle. Getting the right tyre for the summer is a great way to handle the season. Let RoadRunner Service Centre break it down for you on how to take care of your summer tyres. So, you can make the most of your summer drive.

We are an authorised, full-service garage run by certified technicians in London. We offer genuine and impartial tyre services and consultation for vehicles of all make and model. You can book an appointment with us online or give us a call to register your spot.

Knowing Your Summer Tyre

Summer tyres, as the name suggests, are designed specifically for the summer season. Compared to other tyres, summer tyres have less grooved surfaces. They are engineered to establish as much contact with the road as possible. Their tread is made to provide the optimal grip to the road as they are shallower than the tread of other tyres. The tread pattern of summer tyres is more streamlined. This allows for better water clearance while maintaining contact with the road.

The vehicle experiences uncompromised traction and braking during the summer. The grip of summer tyres is made to deliver excellent grip on both dry and wet roads. They have reduced rolling resistance, higher fuel efficiency and produce less noise. To know more about what things to look for in your summer tyre, contact our experts.

Summer tyres have a tread life of 20,000 to 25,000 miles. There is a dramatic response observed when the tread life of summer tyres is taken into consideration. This response is noticed in the overall vehicle control and handling, which improves with the right summer tyres. But, with time summer tyres are prone to wear and tear.

To ensure your summer tyres continue offering excellent performance and safety, we recommend you opt for their routine checks. You can always drop us an email to tell us what kind of service you are looking for. We will take care of the rest.

Genuine Summer Tyre Repair, In Your Area

If you understand how vital the tread life of your summer tyre is, contact us. At RoadRunner Service Centre, we use the latest tools and equipment to service the summer tyres.

Whether you are looking for a specific service or want a complete inspection of the tyres, we are with you. Our experts will help you with the best advise and suggest cost-effective repairs. We will bill you as per your custom quote, so you get all the tyre issues sorted before you leave. To experience quality summer tyre repairs near you talk to our technicians today.

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