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Why are tyres so important for your vehicle? Simply because they are the only thing between your car and the road. Tyres are thus, responsible for your car's safety and the quality of your ride. One of the critical factors that can jeopardise your tyre's safety is its make. It is therefore important to choose tyres from renowned, time-tested brands to continue enjoying a smooth drive.

A Brief About Kumho

Kumho Tyres is a company that strives to bring innovative technology to consumers worldwide. The company has transformed from its humble beginning in South Korea to be one of the largest tyre manufacturers. It specialises in three prominent tyre categories, namely passenger, light truck/SUV/CUV and commercial truck. Its innovative products include 22/30 series, 45 Series Super Single Radial, 28" High Performance for SUV, Coloured Smoke Tire (Ecsta SPT) and Aviation Tyres.

The company has been actively seeking advances in manufacturing techniques with its eco-conscious products. These include Electric Vehicle Tires, Synthetic Free Rubber: epoxidized natural rubber; higher elasticity; lower CO2, Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS): better wear; easier processing, and Polycyclic Aromatics Hydrocarbons (PAH) Free Oil: natural resource base oil.

Kumho Track Record

Kumho has been producing tyres successfully since 1960. Today the company produces more than 68 million tyres annually. Along with supporting a number of Motorsport events, they have also developed a tyre for the F1. Their tyres can be found on vans, cars, jet fighters, civil aircraft, trucks, AutoGP racing cars and everything apart from Tonka Trucks and tractors.

Escot Technology

The patented tyre technology of the brand aims to maximise tyre performance. It optimises the tyre’s braking capabilities and improves steering for a comfortable and safe drive.

F3 Technology

It offers advanced high-performance design and aerodynamic racing technology and is available at cost-effective prices.

XRP – Extended Run-Flat Performance

This technology lets you be in control of the road even after the tyre punctures. Their revolutionary new tyre is manufactured with a special rubber compound to ensure the safety of the car.

The Kumho Tyre Advantage

Kumho tyres are a mark of quality. They are appreciated worldwide for their progressiveness and wear. Their tyres offer reliable dry and wet grip during every weather. The brand never fails to deliver quality products to their customers, making them a favourite of car owners globally.

Their tyres are a promise of top-notch performance on every level. The tyres are quieter than their counterparts in the industry. Be it a tough terrain or a road with innumerable turns; they give a feeling of security to drivers. Their tyres act as a cushion against the impact when the car has to be driven over speed ramps.

Kumho tyres offer drivers with a comfortable ride every time they are driven. They are built to perform well and last longer. What’s more, is that they are available at cost-effective prices. Give us a call to get your set of perfect tyres for your vehicle.


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