Gearbox Repairs

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Your car is majorly dependant on its transmission system for mobility. Different gears offer different RPMs. Which means one needs to take care of this key aspect to ensure smooth working of the car for a long period. It is one of the most used systems, therefore, the damage it sustains is higher as well. The gearbox is the second stage of the transmission system and is bolted to the engine, with the clutch between them.

The gearbox is also one of the most complex parts of the car. Therefore, you should get the maintenance work for it done by an expert only. You can find such experts at RoadRunner Service Centre, and avail our excellent services at an excellent price.

Possible Issues

The most common gearbox issue is delayed response and acceleration of your car. Your car might not immediately move according to the gear you’ve changed into. It is common for this to happen. However, if the RPM increases and the car doesn’t bulge, you should probably get your car checked.

Leaks are another major issue you should keep an eye on. Unlike other oils, gearbox fluid is bright orange in colour. Therefore, it is easy to spot. Keep a lookout for this damage and get it checked at the earliest.

Unless you have an automatic car, the gears should change as per your instructions. It might be possible that you change the gear and accelerate but it falls back to the previous gear for some unknown reason. This issue is also known as gear slipping. Get your car checked as soon as possible to deal with this issue and refresh the performance levels of your car.

Our professionals, at RoadRunner Service Centre, can help you do so and fix any issue related to the gearbox.


Not all damages require a full rebuild of the gearbox. We can replace bearings and synchro rings to eliminate any noise and poor gear selection. The two major reasons for damaged gearbox are known to be bearings and gear teeth. This can be further broken down to various reasons for a damaged gearbox. Bearing failures due to thermal instability, resonant vibration, unexpected loads, external contamination, manufacturing errors and gear misalignment are a few of them.

Our experts, at RoadRunner Service Centre, are well versed with the solutions to such problems and can help you get back on the road in no time.

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