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Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car, responsible for providing mobility. They are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface and can save you in unavoidable situations. They are responsible for gripping the road according to the pressure you apply on the brakes. They carry the weight of the car around wherever you direct them to. Therefore, facing resistance from, both the vehicle and the road surface. This resistance can wear them out quicker than usual if not taken care of. Let our experts, at RoadRunner Service Centre, help you maintain your car tyres and enhance your car’s performance levels.

Michelin Tyres

Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is one of the global leaders of tyre manufacturers. They are widely known for their innovations and ideas that they come up with at their numerous research and development facilities. Customer safety is the top-most priority for Michelin, and they make sure that their products meet their safety standards. They have been manufacturing excellent tyres for various types of vehicles. From cars and motorbikes to mining vehicles and air crafts, Michelin manufactures tyres for all of them.

Why Michelin

Michelin is a company that focuses on catering quality products to its customers and a worthy experience for their employees as well. They prioritise their customers above anything else and aim to provide them with the most efficient tyres that one can find. They have manufactured some of the best products in the market at their vast network of research and development facilities and production sites. The company is now present on every continent and was recorded to account for 14% of the global tyre market in 2017.

We, at RoadRunner Service Centre, have similar beliefs as that of Michelin and aim to cater our customers with nothing but the best in class services and products.

Why Us

RoadRunner Service Centre is a garage that believes in providing its customers with the best of everything. Be it advice, repair, diagnosis, servicing or MOT, you can rest assured as you have experts working on your car.

Our professionals have been rigorously trained to improve their work quality. We provide them with any necessary training that they might need to increase and enhance their skill-set. This training not only enhances the work quality of our garage but helps them improve as a technician as well.

We also exhibit a wide range of the latest tyres from Michelin at our garage. You can get your car a set of the most efficient tyres at a better price than any other garage in London.

We have installed the latest pieces of equipment at our garage as well. This helps us deliver more accurate and efficient services.


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