Tracking 4 Wheel Alignment

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wheel alignment

The various functionalities of your car are not provided to you by a single unit. Numerous small parts are working in unison to provide you with these functions. However, they aren’t designed to last forever. Over time, these parts wear down and sustain damage due to regular usage. They need to be checked regularly and maintained on time to ensure good performance for an extended period. Failing to do so is sure to wear and, probably, damage them as well.

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Tracking, also known as two-wheel alignment, is the adjustment of the front wheels. The mechanic adjusts the caster, camber and toe angles of the front wheels, while the rear wheels can be left out. Some cars have a solid rear axle that does not require adjustment. The adjustments are made according to the manufacturer’s recommendation of your vehicle, which can be found in the owner’s manual. Our technicians, at RoadRunner Service Centre, are well versed with the minute details of this job and can provide efficient services of the same.

4-Wheel Alignment

Four-Wheel Alignment, or commonly known as wheel alignment, is the adjustment of the caster, camber and toe on all four wheels of your car. Adjusting all four wheels together eliminates the possibility of any wearing. Getting only two of the wheels aligned might leave some misalignment unchecked on the other two wheels. This can wear various parts of your car and reduce fuel efficiency as well. You need to take your vehicle to experts to ensure proper and accurate alignment.

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