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A vehicle is a machine that functions with the coordination of multiple systems and components. One of them is the transmission system. The transmission is responsible for transferring the energy from the engine to the wheels in a controlled manner. Without the transmission system, it would be difficult to control the functioning of the vehicle. Each system consists of different components; same is the case with the transmission of a vehicle. The clutch is quite an important component of the transmission system. At RoadRunner Service Centre, we have a team of technicians that understand the entire working of a vehicle. They can be instrumental in fixing a malfunction.

RoadRunner Service Centre is not just a garage. It is an idea. An idea that works towards the empowerment of customers in terms of rationality. This initiative is facilitated by spreading awareness within the community of vehicle-owners in RoadRunner Service Centre. We believe that the market will be truly justified and free only when the customers will make rational decisions. For this, it is imperative that they factually understand how each component of the vehicle functions. As a part of this initiative, we wish to disseminate information regarding the working of a clutch and how can we help you in case of a malfunction.

The first and foremost thing that customers need to know is- when do they need to visit our garage? Of course, when there is something wrong with their clutch. However, how would they know? The vehicle has no command over any language like humans do. So, how will a vehicle owner know that something is wrong with the clutch of a vehicle? The answer lies in the signs that the vehicle gives. Customers must look for signs like-

  • The car starting out slowly even thought the engine is racing.
  • Clutch pedal making squealing or growling noises.
  • Clutch pedal is hard to push or is vibrating.

Any of the above signs are bad news for your clutch. They mean that the clutch is not functioning as it should. The function of the clutch is to facilitate a smooth gear-change. When you press the clutch pedal, the connection between the clutch disc and the pressure plate is interrupted. That is why, one can smoothly change the gear. A malfunction in this process can cost you a pretty penny. Therefore, it is important that you visit our garage as soon as you notice any of the above indicators. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and plug the issue within no time.

Once we know what the problem is, we will let you know of it. We will proceed with the required replacement or repair only when you give us a green flag. In this market process, you are our partners. Whatever will be done with your vehicle, will only be done with your consent. At RoadRunner Service Centre, our team of experts is always at your disposal in case you require any vehicle-related services. They will also be instrumental in providing you with substantial advice. Visit us today!

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