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Do you know how hard your winter tyre work to offer you a safe-drive? Don’t take your winter tyre for granted. Give it the care it deserves. Bring it to our full-service garage. We will upgrade it and fix it so that you can enjoy your winter drive, like never before.

RoadRunner Service Centre brings to you the best winter tyre repairs and maintenance in London. With our services, you will feel an improvement in the performance of your vehicle. So, give us a chance to service your winter tyres at an affordable price. We won’t let you down.

Understanding Your Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are for the harsh UK temperatures which can drop below 7 degrees Celsius. Winter tyres have a different compound giving them an extra grip on the icy and snowy road. Hence, winter tyres are a wise investment if you live in an area of heavy rain, or a freezing climate. The compound used to make winter tyres helps them to remain flexible even at low temperatures.

Their tread pattern is engineered to self-clean so, it does not get blocked up with snow. These tyres have more sipes, and this improves their grip by providing lots of extra edges. These sipes help the tyre to easily bite onto the road surface. Hence, winter tyres offer better grip and reduce stopping distances, unlike their counterparts. To know more about winter tyres, contact our local service centre.

Winter tyres are a promise of improved handling and braking efficiency. But for the tyres to be effective, they must be used in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. You must ensure that you fit winter tyres in October and replace them in March. In any situation, winter tyres must not be used in the summer season. Their compound is too soft, and it will wear out quickly in summer.

To make sure your winter tyres support you, invest in their routine repair. Get in touch with our tyre experts to get the best tyre consultation and service in your area.

Cost-Effective Winter Tyre Repair

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective tyre repairs for our customers. With us, you will find tyre repair, tyre-fitting, tyre replacement, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and much more. Bring your car to us for a thorough tyre inspection.

You can avail our services round-the-clock at competitive prices. We won’t charge you a penny extra. Our staff will help you with your custom quote so you can save while getting the best repairs for your tyres. Make us your first choice for quality and affordable winter tyre repairs.

Feel free to book an appointment with us online. Alternatively, you can even write us an email to tell us what you are looking for. We will be at your service for all kinds of tyre repairs.

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