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Your car is as close to you as your family. You always try to maintain your car’s performance capabilities and ensure that it works smoothly for a longer period. While doing so, never forget the engine. The engine is the powerhouse of a car. It powers the car by gaining energy through the internal combustions that happen inside it. It needs to be maintained with the utmost care and needs to be checked from time to time. Let our experts, at RoadRunner Service Centre, take care of this job and ensure that you’re able to use the engine’s full potential.


Over time, these parts wear down due to working for long durations. They need to be cleaned, greased and tuned, timely, to ensure that they do not receive excessive damage. The advancement in technology has decreased the need for regular tune-ups. However, there is always room for error. While you might have excellent parts, there is no solution to the ageing aspect. Air filter might need replacement, engine oil might be burnt out or you might even spot a damaged spark plug.

Our professionals, at RoadRunner Service Centre, are well aware of the complexities of an engine and can efficiently tune it up.

When Does My Car Need Tuning?

A car needs tuning at every 250,000 km, 160,000 miles or approximately every 10 years. You should refer to the owner’s manual of your car to know the tuning requirements of your car. It’s always better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation than anyone else’s. There are various other factors that you can keep an eye on to know if your car needs tuning as well.

The first indication can be understood by the lighting up of the engine-light on the dashboard. You should never ignore this light as it is a confirmed warning of damage in the engine. A decrease in fuel economy or power, in any way, can be understood as a call for a tune-up. Get your engine checked if your car stalls when you stop. Also, get it checked if your car doesn’t stop running even after the ignition is off. Take your car for a tune-up if the engine of your car makes a knocking sound when accelerating.

Our technicians, at RoadRunner Service Centre, can help you deal with these issues and prevent any further damage to the engine.

Why Us?

We, at RoadRunner Service Centre, aim to provide the best-in-class services and products to our customers. We make sure to work on all our aspects and ensure that our customers do not leave our garage unsatisfied for any reason.

We have some of the best technicians in London, who are widely known for the quality of their work. They have been extensively trained to increase and enhance their skill-set and work quality.

We have also installed the best-in-class pieces of equipment and added the latest products at our garage. By this, we assure the customer that they will be provided with the best services and products.

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