Number Plates

Number Plates

If either of your car number plates is cracked, broken, faded or has marks obscuring the letters and numbers, it is illegal and must be replaced.

You may also require a set of number plates if you are planning on towing, or if you buy a rear-mount bike carrier that obscures your registration plates.

A question we are frequently asked is “what number plate side badges are legal?”

Only national flags and symbols are allowed on U.K. vehicle number plates.

Vehicle owners will be provided with the option of displaying either the Union Jack, Cross of St George, Scottish Saltire or Welsh Dragon accompanied, if they wish, by identifiers such as GB, ENG, SCO, CYM, UK etc.Those who choose to display a national flag or symbol on their number plates in preference to the European circle of stars and GB identifier will be required to continue to display a separate GB sticker when travelling outside the UK.

This gives you 56 different options for making number plates.

RoadRunner Number Plates – Giving you more Choice.