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Cars are an important part of our daily lives. Also, they have made our lives easier. Travelling large distances isn’t a problem any more. You can go anywhere without second thought. However, your car needs to have a number plate for you to legally do so. The numbers are unique for every car and can be used to know the owner.

We, at RoadRunner Service Centre, offer various options for the number plates on your car. Choose one and let us enhance your car’s aesthetics.

Number Plates

Number plates, also known as vehicle registration plates, are alphanumeric plates that are mandatory for every car. It is important for a vehicle that is driven on the roads of the United Kingdom to have a number plate with the correct information about its registration. This number can be used to trace the owner of the vehicle or to know more about him/her.

These rectangular plates should be white in the front and yellow on the rear. Absence of these plates can get you legal trouble and you can be prosecuted for the same. A fine of £1,000 is the narrowest escape that you can have from this problem. However, RoadRunner Service Centre can help you avoid the legal harm.

Some Rules to Remember

Absence of a number plate might not be helpful in a hit and run case. Similarly, it would be next to impossible to find out who broke the traffic light, hit your car, robbed a bank, etc. To ensure that everyone takes care of the number plate on their car, a few rules were set to monitor them.

Each car should have a number plate, which should be readable and free from dirt. It should have the information about the car in a proper format, size, colour and spacing. The information about the car should be genuine and not altered. No images other than the approved flags should be printed on the number plate. The plates should follow the British Standard for number plates. The number plate can also display a non-reflective border.

Our professionals, at RoadRunner Service Centre, are well versed with these rules and ensure fitting a legal number plate on your car.

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