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We, at RoadRunner Service Centre , are experts at vehicle repairs. Our team understands how a vehicle functions; we wish to make you aware of the same. The braking system of a vehicle is quite crucial. Imagine you are driving at a high speed, but you are unable to stop your car. It can be scary, right? The technicians at RoadRunner Service Centre can help you avoid this situation. You must look for signs that suggest a malfunction in the braking system in your vehicle. If you notice any such sign, you must bring your vehicle to our garage as soon as possible.

However, what are the signs that you need to look for? The first and foremost is the brake light on the dashboard. If the brake light is showing despite the handbrake is off, then there might be an issue with the brakes. That is why, if an inspection is due, you must drive to our garage. The next most important sign can be weird noises. If you start hearing high-pitched noises while applying brakes, then it is a prominent sign of a malfunction. Noises of squealing, squeaking, and grinding must be looked out for. If it is something serious like rotor damage, it might just cost you a pretty penny.

There can other indicators too. For example, wobbling, vibration, or scraping while you apply brakes. Other than this, leaking fluid, soft brake pedal, burning smell while driving, and the car pulling to one side when braking is also warning signs. If you experience any of the above signs, then you must drive to our garage. Our technicians are well-equipped to run thorough checks on your vehicle. We will systematically detect the issue in no time. Once done, you will be informed of the same. We proceed with repair or replacement only when we get a green flag from you.

The braking system consists of four sets of components. They are an energy-supplying device, control device, transmission device, and the brake. The energy supplying device refers to the supply and adjustment of the necessary energy required for braking. The control device refers to the brake pedal. The transmission device refers to the conversion and multiplication of the force applied by our foot on the pedal. The brake refers to the brake pads. A fallacy in any of the mentioned components can result in a discrepancy in the entire functioning of the braking system. Whatever it might be, we assure you that we are capable of plugging it.

RoadRunner Service Centre is a customer-oriented garage. Our major focus is entirely on two aspects. One, making the roads safer. Two, ensuring the best driving experience for our customers. For this, we ensure high-quality vehicle-related products and services at competitive prices. You can also find tyres at our garage. The special tyre finder tool can be used to browse tyres with the specifications of your choice. What we provide is nothing less than the best; it is for this reason that we deserve a fair chance. If you’re looking for brakes, then remember that RoadRunner Service Centre is the best choice.

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